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Guitar, Singing & Songwriting Tuition

As a guitar teacher I am asked to teach a huge variety of different music; whilst my own learning started with the more formal classical style, I have over the last 35+ years covered most other styles, in-depth, at one time or another. As well as teaching I have performed in multiple disciplines, both as a solo artist and as part of groups.

The slogans "The Beatles to Bach" and "Fingerstyle to Flamenco" were both phrases invented by my students when discussing advertising phrases for my lessons, and I have used the former for years, to great success. To be honest I feel these slogans cover the range of my teaching fairly well, but for those who want a slightly less ambiguous and more detailed description of the styles I can teach, please see below.

Electric Guitar   


e electric guitar covers a large range of styles such as Blues, Rock and Pop to name a few. I have amplifiers on site, so for those that wish to learn electric guitar they need only bring their instrument. I have played, performed and taught a huge variety of electric guitar music in my life, covering almost every genre and era going. I have my own favourites, and the list of styles above is not exhaustive, so if you are unsure if I can teach what you want to learn then just give a call.

Acoustic Guitar  

When talking about the acoustic guitar we primarily refer to steel stringed, wooden bodied guitars that can project sound without the need for an electric amplifier. They can be played with either a plectrum, or finger-picked, depending on the style. Obviously these historically came before electric instruments; but these days it has in many ways become its own specific genre of guitar music. Many styles can be played on the acoustic guitar, acoustic blues music is the root of electric blues, and many electric styles can be translated to an acoustic instrument. Many bands, from The Beatles to Nirvana wrote acoustic songs in addition to their electric repertoire. There are also many intrinsically acoustic styles such as Gypsy, Folk, or Fingerstlyle.  As above, I can teach all these style to a high standard, and this list is not exhaustive, so if you are unsure if I can teach what you want to learn then just give a call.

I have a particular passion for the music of the late Nick Drake; having listened to and played his music most of my life I have huge amount of experience in dealing with his unique acoustic playing style and fingerpicking techniques.

Classical & Flamenco Guitar  

The term "classical guitar" refers to the smaller bodied and primarily nylon stringed acoustic guitars, also referred to as "Spanish guitars" among other things. They are played almost exclusively with the fingers/nails. If I am honest, I am not often asked to teach the more formal classical style, although I am certainly capable; many students go for electric or acoustic styles due to their prevalence in both contemporary and 20th Century popular music. Fo

r those that do wish to go down the formal classical route we certainly can, there are many startlingly beautiful pieces written or transcribed for the classical guitar. It is worth noting that the nylon stringed instrument can be used to play other acoustic styles too, but is most suited to certain types of music.

Flamenco guitar is a style primarily associated with Spain. Although there is some contention as to its exact origins, Flamenco music is among the most passionate in the world and is exciting to both play and listen to. I have devoted a number of years to this style of guitar and am able to teach it to a very high standard.

Singing & Songwriting Tuition 

In addition to the instrumental side, I also optionally offer both singing and songwriting and tuition on request. I can teach you how to sing, and more importantly, how to sing and play at the same time. For many people singing along with the guitar is an integral part of their learning experience as it ultimatley enables them to be a complete performer.

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